Ali Chukwuma

Ali Chukwuma was a Nigerian highlife musician.

His band was called Ali Chukwuma  & His Peace Maker International.

Ali Chukwuma was from Aboh in Ndokwa East, Delta State. Delta State is a South-South State of Nigeria.

Chukwuma was an Igbo highlife musician. He was a vocalists, musician and an instrumentalist.

He was a Christian who took his name from Ali Baba.

Ali Baba was a famous African wrestler of the sixties and seventies. 

He moved to Atani near Onitsha after the death of his father.

The first band he played for was Nigeria Sound Makers Band and subsequently he formed his own band named Nigeria Peace Makers.

Ali Chukwuma   suffered from liver disease for a very long time which later killed him in the 80s. He died in honour.

Ali Chukwuma’s son named Prince Obidi Nwa Ali died in 2016. This was a very sad event.

He was also a highlife musician who played for the Obidi Nwa ali Chukwuma [junior] Omekannaya & His Peace Makers Band of Nigeria. This was one of his major band.

Ali record label included; Qris Records, Edega Entertainment, C. Meks Music International, Nedjon Media.

There had  been controversies  as to whether Ali was a Muslim before his death.

This is due to the ‘’Ali’’ been attached to the ‘’Chukwuma’’.

But it is concluded that Ali was never a Muslim; but a Christian and that the ‘’Ali’’ attached to  his name was adopted.


  • Ego Ji Olu Special.
  • Chinyelugo.
  • Oye Ji Ife Onye Wenabalu Ya.
  • Eje Anabu Isi.
  • Amala Isekise.
  • Eje Elu Uno.
  • Odi Ofele Special.
  • Ezi Okwu Bun Du.
  • Omakachie.
  • Ejemu Enu Uwa.
  • Ogbaru United Club Of Nigeria.
  • Ezigbo Oyi Henrietta.
  • Amala Isekise.
  • Ogelu Sili Obi.

The above list is not the end of his best songs but just a selected few.

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