Chief Osita Osadebe

Chief Osita Osadebe was one of the fathers of Highlife music in Nigeria.

Osadebe hails from Anambra state which is a South-East state of Nigeria. 

He was born on March 1936 and died in May 11, 2007.

His music career ended on his dead. He died of chronic respiratory disease.

Chief Osita Osadebe had written over 600 songs although few have been released for commercial purpose.

He was a producer, song writer and also a vocalist.

Chief Osita Osadebe had received numerous awards and in 1998 he was named the best celebrities of the year.

He had five [5] wives and seven [7] children.


Find below the list of the greatest hit songs of Osadebe. These are carefully drawn from his various highlife music albums. They are:

  • Osondi Owendi.
  • Onuigbo.
  • Ezigbo Mmadu Adiro Fechaa (Onyema Bishop Okonkwo).
  • Jesus Onye Ndu.
  • Egbunam.
  • Ndidi  Bu Ogu Enu.
  • Nigerian Women in Raleigh Durham.
  • Special  Edition.
  • Makojo  Akonam.
  • Ka-Anyi Jikota.
  • Lords Special.
  • Agadi Nwanyi Na Inine.
  • Nyem  Obi Gi.
  • Merenge Sposa.
  • Agadi Nwanyi Na Inine.
  • Ogbaru Akwulugo.
  • Uche Chukwu.
  • Ana Masi Ife Uwa.
  • People’s Club.
  • Onu Kwube Odindu Nyuliba.
  • Enu Uwa Ebuka.
  • Onu Kwube.
  • Igbo Awa.
  • Aye Mama.
  • Kedu America.
  • Agbalu Aka Na Azo Ani.

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Chief Osita Osadebe will forever be remembered in the Highlife music world.

His contribution to the growth of highlife music is enormous.

Osadebe highlife songs are played everywhere in Nigeria and worldwide.

Osadebe songs have reached Asia, America, United Kingdom, New Zealand, etc.

His songs have cut across the whole of Europes and are still dominating the world.

Osadebe’s songs are banged regularly in South-South States of Nigeria; notably in Akwa Ibom, Cross Rivers, Bayelsa and other South-South states of Nigeria.

Osadebe brought a reformation to the highlife music world.

His pattern of highlife music has inspired numerous highlife music artists in Nigeria including the famous Prince Chijioke Mbanefo.

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