DSS history

DSS History

SSS self styled as DSS is the primary Intelligence Agency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Find DSS history below.

Meaning of DSS and SSS

SSS – State Security Service.

DSS – Department of State Services.

When was SSS Nigeria Founded?

The law that established DSS is National Security Organization Act of 1986.

What are the Sisters Agencies of DSS Nigeria

National Intelligence Agency – NIA.

Defense Intelligence Agency – DIA.

Functions of DSS Nigeria

SSS Nigeria is responsible for domestic intelligence gathering in Nigeria.

Their primary duties include the protection of the:

  • president and vice president.  
  • Families of the president and vice president; mostly their immediate families.
  • Governors and deputy governors of states.
  • Immediate families of the governors and deputy governors of states.
  • Top government officials.
  • Former presidents, former vice president; former governors and their deputies.
  • Foreign convoys.
  • Persons in which they are require to protect.

Other functions of DSS Nigeria

  • Ensuring the unity of Nigeria.
  • Preventing internal threats in the country.
  • Enforcing the Criminal Justice System in the country.
  • Upholding criminal justice in the federation.
  • Suppress insurgency and terrorism.

Who is the head of DSS?

At the federal level; the DSS Director General is the primary head of the agency. At the state level; the DSS State Director is the head of the agency.

The Director General (DG) of the agency is the overall head.

The SSS as a federal government agency is merged under the office of the presidency.

The agency is answerable only to the National Security Adviser, and then to the presidency.

The setbacks in DSS Nigeria

SSS Nigeria have become very notorious over past years. Their short-comings are:

  • Frequent Human Rights violations:

SSS have become more as an instrument of oppression. Mostly used by the executive arms of the government of Nigeria for oppressing political rivals and people that criticized their government. 

Both the federal government of Nigeria and the State government have been using SSS to oppress critics of their government.

See the case in Akwa Ibom State where a sitting Governor used SSS to detain a journalist despite Court order granting bail for the victim.

  • Frequent Disobedience to court order: 

SSS tried to arrest in the premises of the court. See more details here.

The law is that a suspect cannot be arrested in the premises of the court either by the police or any other agency in the country. See the relevant sections of ACJA and ACJL for more details.

  • Abuse of power and irregular use of firearms:

The killing of a newspaper vendor by DSS in Abuja. See more details here. 

The killing of a woman by DSS. See here for more details.

  • The Ineffectiveness of the agency:

SSS Nigeria in the past years has proven to be weak in the fight against Insurgency in the country.

The escapade of Boko Haram insurgency and other terrorist groups like ISWAP; banditry; kidnapping; robbery; unknown gun men and other criminal activities in the country.

The insecurity in Nigeria can be said to be as a results of the combine ineffectiveness of the Police; Secret Police [DSS]; and other vital security agencies in the country.

DSS history is more tragic than expected. They are so dull and backward as far as intelligence gathering is concern.

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