Fall 2021 Internship at Samsung

Internships Country: USA


Apply for Fall 2021 Internship at Think Tank Team at Samsung Research America Internship. This position is open to Computational Scientist. As a Computational Scientist, you will develop algorithmic methods and tools to optimize and develop innovative advancement for prototypes of proposed projects in new technologies and/or user experiences that address real-life problems. You will additionally continue to research and stay ahead of underlying system issues to elevate programming methods across various subject areas of new and existing projects. Furthermore, you will also collaborate and communicate your efforts with colleagues as you solve complex problems that impact the design’s success.

Responsibilities Candidate on Fall 2021 Internship at Samsung will do the following duties Prototype algorithms in numerical environments and translate them into practical implementations if needed. Develop and optimize algorithms to run on DSP/GPU/SIMD architectures. Hands-on prototyping skills with electronics and embedded computing.

Requirements MS (or BS +2 years of work experience) in applied mathematics, physics, math-intensive subjects, related technical field or equivalent practical experience 2+ years of experience developing advanced data analysis techniques, signal processing algorithms, or control algorithms Advanced coding and, simulation skills for numerical environments such as MATLAB, Python, Julia, etc. Ability to translate ideas from research articles to functioning prototypes in Python/numpy/scipy, C/C++, etc. Practical knowledge and proven skills in areas such as convex optimization, dimensionality reduction, compressive sensing, computational imaging, highdimensional signal processing, etc. Depth of experience in several different signal domains (audio, RF, images, tomography, etc.)

About Samsung Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate that has a headquarter in Samsung Town, Seoul. Samsung is one of the most successful companies in the world. Moreover, notable Samsung industrial affiliates include Samsung Electronics (the world’s largest information technology company, consumer electronics maker, and chipmaker measured by 2017 revenues), Samsung Heavy Industries (the world’s 2nd largest shipbuilder measured by 2010 revenues), and Samsung Engineering and Samsung C&T (respectively the world’s 13th and 36th largest construction companies).

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