Highlife Nigerian Music

Although it is said that highlife music originated in Ghana a West African country; the high life Nigerian music have grown and spread like wild fire in Nigeria.

Highlife music in Nigeria dates back as far as early 90s.

There are very numerous highlife music artists in Nigeria. Some of these Nigerian highlife music artists are very exceptional.

The popularity of highlife music is unimagining. We have the Yoruba highlife music; Igbo highlife music; efik highlife music; ibibio highlife music.

The Yoruba high life Nigerian music is dominant and also originated in western Nigeria. The likes of King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, Admiral Dele Abiodunhave been a prominent.

The Igbo high life Nigerian music is top notch in the highlife music world. Their bands, music artists, and instrumentalist are something to write home about. Accordingly, the Igbo highlife music is generally regarded as very exceptional if not the best.

The Efik/Ibibio high life Nigerian music is another worth mentioning. Like the Igbo highlife band; Efik/Ibibio highlife music have been very outstanding. The likes of Uwemedimo Atakpo, Etibass, Eddy Emmanuel are exemplary in this categories.

We will classify Nigeria highlife music artists into two broad categories. They are;

  • Clasical Nigerian highlife music artists and;
  • Modern Nigerian music artists.

The Classical Nigerian highlife music artist

These are the who is who in highlife music.

They are generally regarded as the fathers of highlife music.

We regard them as the legends of highlife music in Nigeria.

These are those who laid foundation for the present day highlife music artist.

They are:

Modern Nigerian highlife music artists.

These are the contemporary highlife music artists.

They got their inspiration from the legends of highlife music like Osadebe; and others.

They Include but not limited to:

  • Prince Chijioke Mbanefo.
  • Umu OBiligbo.
  • Chisco.
  • Dr Marcel.
  • Sir Wilker Jackson.
  • Prophet SSP.
  • Tilda and Rocafill Jazz International.
  • Oliver ChukwuOliver.
  • Etibass.
  • Eddy Emmanuel.
  • Uwemedimo Atakpo.