How to apply for DSS

You are actually here to read this because you have interest in working as an SSS / DSS officer in Nigeria. This page will give answers about DSS Recruitment. How to apply for DSS is more easier.

DSS Nigeria is an agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

We shall discuss briefly about DSS Recruitment and we will also attach sample handwritten DSS recruitment application letter. We will also guide you as to when DSS will begin the next recruitment.

Furthermore, we will not talk much about what DSS is because you can find relevant information about them on websites like Nairaland and Wikipedia. You can further read about their history and functions here.

The last section of this page talks about DSS Groups, DSS Forum and how to join them. It also talks about how you can know when DSS Recruitment begins.

What is SSS?

SSS means State Security Service.

What is DSS?

DSS means Department of State Services.

DSS Recruitment Portal

The official DSS Recruitment portal is

The DSS Recruitment portal is usually not easily accessible.

What are the differences between SSS and DSS

SSS and DSS are the same thing or organization.

SSS is the founded name of the force in line with the National Security Organization Act of 1986.

DSS is just the adopted name of SSS and is now widely used. SSS is the alias or aka of DSS. DSS is the nickname of SSS.

Note: DSSC and DSS are two different things. While the former is faithful to the military like the Army DSSC, the later is an intelligence agency.

How can one apply for DSS recruitment?

As at this day, DSS recruitment portal is more or less functional. Their recruitment portal has not been used for a very long time.

Any interested person who wants to apply for DSS job as at this publication date must write a handwritten application letter addressed to the SSS Director General in DSS/SSS Headquarters Abuja through the SSS State Director of your state respectively.

We will provide the sample letter at the end of this page.

How can you know when DSS is recruiting?

Generally, DSS recruitment is not always announced.

DSS have their own ways of announcing their recruitment but announcing it on media is rarely seen.

Before you can know when DSS recruitment begins, you must always be on RED ALERT.

You must always check frequently in other to know if they are actually recruiting or not.

The best way to know when DSS is recruiting is for you to join many job recruitment groups on Facebook.

Currently, DSS have no Facebook page, group or do they have any social media page, so getting information about DSS recruitment can be a nightmare.

That is why we are here to help those who still have the desire to work as a DSS officer to help give them information as to when DSS will be recruiting next.

So that you can know when DSS Recruitment begins, drop comments on the comment section below and include both your valid email and your phone number. We will compile all the phone numbers we received and send a bulk sms to every number that we have immediately the DSS Recruitment begins.

The numbers you sent to us are secured and we will only use it for the purposes which you specified. We shall not on any occasion give out your numbers to anyone.

How the DSS recruitment process is always carried out

Unlike any other force in Nigeria, DSS recruitment procedures that is their screening, exams  and  short listing is usually carried out in your state respectively. The individual states conducts the screening, set the exams, then shortlist and then the State Director of your state will then take the final list to Abuja for approval by the DSS Director General.

What are the contents of DSS recruitment examination?

Since the exams are usually written in your states, it will be advisable for you to know the current issues that are ongoing in your state. We will also give u sample questions and answers at the end of this page.

 DSS exams unlike any other exams will be set in other to test your IQ.

The exams will be a logical one.

The questions that are usually set will depend on your state. In some states, 20, 40 and even 10 questions are normally asked.

The exams as at today is not normally Computer based but manual exams.

How often does DSS recruit?

It all depends.

It may be yearly, or twice a year or in 2 years intervals.

How many people are normally employed per recruitment?

For cadet officers [bsc, HND holders] 5 – 10 persons are normally employed per state. Sometimes 50, 30, 25 or even 20 depending on your state of origin. Northern Nigeria always have more employed personnel than the Southern Nigeria.

Detective and ASO are usually employed more in numbers than cadet officers.

Cadets officers employment is normally in favor of the Northern Nigerians than their Southern counterparts. The DSS DGs are usually accused of carrying out lopsided recruitment in favor of their people and usually ignore the Principles of Federal Character.

For more on the lopsided DSS recruitment, see

What are the ranks in SSS

DSS ranks are classified.

But usually, DSS recruitment are often carried out for three ranks, which are for:</p>

  • Detectives.
  • ASO.
  • Cadets.

Detective:  if you apply to work in DSS as a detective, your entry Qualifications will be O’ level, that is either WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, Trade Certificate or Primary 6 certificates or their equivalents.

ASO:  you can work as an ASO in DSS when you have OND, ND.

ASO means Assistance Security Officer.

Cadets:  people who can apply here are those who have BSC, UPPER HND.

Can 3rd class graduates apply for DSS job?

We will say ‘yes’ in that in the previous DSS recruitment, we saw that 3rd class holders applied for DSS jobs and they were selected for employment.

Applying with first class is just an additional advantage but that does not guarantee that you will be employed because you have a first class.

What is the salary of DSS officers?

You should not worry about salary; your concern should be for you to serve your country.

DSS salary is classified.

We will not comment here as to whether their salary are huge or not.

Where is the location of DSS training schools?

There are currently 3 DSS training schools.

They are Located in 3 States, they are:

  • DSS training school, Lagos – near Ojo barracks.
  • Another one is DSS training school, Bauchi.
  • The third is DSS training school, Kaduna.

You do not have to bother on the exact location in the above mentioned states.

You can always locate them by asking cab or bus drivers in the said states.

In some situations, their address is normally sent to people when they receive call to camp text message.

So knowing about their address is not really necessary until you have business with them.</p>

The Requirements before applying for DSS job

  • You must be a Nigerian citizen.
  • Age requirement is at least 18 years.
  • Not be physically challenged.
  • You must not be broke.
  • Flat footed people cannot apply.
  • Ex-convicts cannot apply.
  • You must have a clean records, no record of committing criminal offence or fraud or dishonesty will be condoned.
  • A good height is additional advantage. You should have a reasonable height.  If you are very short, look for something else and do. You must not be too short. Just have a moderate height. Height may not really be an issue if you are applying to work as an office staff; like cleaners, gatekeepers or even drivers. Height too will not really be relevant where you are to work as let’s say their Lawyers, Doctors, Pharmacists, etc. Since most of these professional stay in their offices and performs mainly professional duties.
  • The maximum age requirements is normally 27 – 30 years. [those above 30 years can still try their luck – in Nigeria nothing is impossible]
  • Women who are pregnant can’t apply.
  • Anyone who have undergone major orthopaedic operations should not apply.
  • Those who are slow in speech and those with natural disabilities cannot apply.
  • If you stammer a lot due to nature, then you may lose your chance of being employed in DSS.
  • Those who are financially embarrassed cannot apply.
  • Two [2] color passport photos is required.

Qualifications for applying for DSS Cadets Job

  • Law
  • Medical
  • English
  • Mathematics education
  • Computer engr. And Computer science
  • Statistics
  • Radiology
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Hospital management
  • Building engr
  • Nursing
  • Optometry
  • Criminology
  • Network engr.
  • Data administrator
  • Satellite image interpreter
  • Physical and health education
  • Peace and conflicts resolution
  • English
  • Physics

Qualifications before applying for ASO in DSS

Like we earlier noted ASO is also a rank in which people are recruited into in DSS. The qualifications include:

  • ND
  • OND
  • Diploma

Attach your statement of result {To Whom It May Concern}.

You must meet all the necessary Requirements as stated above.

Qualifications before applying for Detective in DSS

Detective rank is the lowest rank in DSS recruitment. Despite being a lower rank, it is always very competitive before getting to work as a detective in DSS Nigeria. The basic qualifications include:

  • WAEC
  • NECO
  • Trade Certificates
  • Other O’ Level equivalents

Please Note The Following:

  • Primary 6 certificates – First School Leaving Certificates [FSLC] is compulsory and required in all the 3 ranks above before applying. All Certificates or Statement of Results must be presented during application. I.e you must present your WAEC, or NECO, or NABTEB, your Bsc, Hnd, or even OND depending on the rank you applied for. O’ Level i.e either WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, is compulsory and must be presented by those who want to apply for ASO and CADETS respectively. Original of the documents you are using to apply for DSS job will be seen by the person who collects your application at the DSS headquarters and your original documents will be returned to you. You are to photocopy the entire documents you want to use to apply for the job and put the same documents in the application file which you want to submit. Hold both the original and photocopies of your documents before going to submit your application. Do not put your original documents in your application file or envelop. If you have lost your WAEC, try and look for it. We will soon update this section to reflect whether DSS accepts secondary certificates in case the main certificates are nowhere to be found.

What is the time duration that is usually allowed for DSS recruitment application?

DSS/ SSS application duration usually varies, sometimes it can be  five [5] days, at times it can be for a week. 

You just have to be fast in applying, because once the recruitment starts, it can close anytime. There are situations whereby the recruitment duration usually last for just a day or two.

You just have to apply immediately you become aware of it.

What and what are required when applying for DSS Recruitment?

  • Handwritten application letter.
  • Your certificates [BSc, HND, WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, etc]
  • Local Government of Original Certificate.
  • Birth certificate.

You will make photocopies of the above listed credentials and attach them with your application letter and put them in a brown envelop.

Note: CVs are not required.

Contents of SSS / DSS Recruitment application letter

  • Your address
  • The address of DSS headquarters
  • The salutation
  • The introduction
  • Body
  • Closing
  • Signature

Check the sample DSS Recruitment application letter below

In the above letter, replace the CADET with whatever rank you are applying for whether as ASO or as DETECTIVE. Write the body of your application letter as you want. Do not write the letter emotionally [like trying to beg to be employed]. Avoid sentence or words like, ‘I beg of you’, you can use ‘Please’, but do not let it look as if you are already frustrated in life and hence begging for the job. If you beg in your application letter, you will not be shortlisted.

  • Write a very brief and readable letter.
  • Your letter should be at least a single page, avoid So Long a Letter.

DSS Nigeria Recruitment sample questions and answers for the examination.

We have compiled Past Questions and Answers for DSS examination.

All those who are interested in the past questions and answers so that they can have fair knowledge of how the DSS exams will look like, should please Contact Us.

For any further inquiries, please write to us through the comments section below or you can still Contact Us.

Tips for becoming successful at the DSS  Recruitment Shortlisting

  • You must show that you are really an expert in your field of study.
  • You will not be saying trash when questions pertaining to your field are asked.
  • Do not stammer or use speech mannerism while answering questions put across to you.
  • If you are a physicist, you must show how genius you are. A graduate in a medical field will not be expected to be blank when simple medical questions are throw to him. All we are trying to say is that you must ‘be smart’.
  • Make inquires about DSS as an agency, read about them in whatever platform that you can find. Make discreet and very careful findings about DSS.
  • Read about DSS history, past and current DGs, and the functions of DSS. As earlier recommended, we recommend the history of DSS on…
  • Dress very neat [ we are not asking you to wear suit, but dressing in corporate outfit is what we recommend].
  • Belief in yourself and be bold.
  • Don’t speak as a coward or shy person.
  • Obey simple instructions given to you during your day.
  • Do not try to show stubbornness there, DSS do not employ riff raff and touts or akpero.
  • Do not carry your baby face there, DSS need tough men. Your harden face can add a little to your score card.
  • Do not forget that a harden face with empty head is useless to the agency.
  • Keep your phones and gadgets off.
  • Watch out for your body language.

Further tips:

  • Answer all questions in which the interviewer asks you. Just say something [do not say rubbish because you want to speak. If you do not have anything reasonable to say, keep quiet.
  • The interview is always in groups. You may be a set of 3 or 4 or even 2 respectively during the interview, so try and be outstanding amongst your mates at the interview.
  • Show to them that you are intelligent.
  • Be very logical while talking to the interviewer.
  • Ask your interviewer very constructive questions, do not ask silly questions. Be nice to people you meet there especially your mates because, you may end up becoming colleagues. First impression matters.
  • Always talk sense, say something till they nod their heads.
  • Speak clearly. Speak fluently. Speak good and simple English [you do not want to annoy your interviewer with big grammar].
  • Pray to God, if you are a Christian or a Muslim, pray to your GOD. If you have chosen to belief in whatever you choose to, also pray to whatsoever you believe in. [Remember RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF WORSHIP is in the Nigerian constitution, so people’s faith and belief must be respected by all.]
  • Prepare, read, read and read.

Other Important information to Note about DSS Nigeria generally and DSS Recruitment as a whole.

  • Do not want to join DSS Nigeria Intelligence because you are unemployed and need a job badly, join the force for passion.
  • You can join DSS with O’level  like WAEC, NECO, Etc. and later update your certificates and get a higher rank. Like other federal government agencies, promotional exams are normally taken every 3 – 4 years.
  • Drivers, gatekeepers, cleaners, and any personnel who works in DSS offices are all DSS personnel. So while applying, you can opt for any of the posts as outlined above.
  • You must know how to keep secrets before joining the force, steer away from DSS if you are a talkative and busybody. You can resign from DSS 3 years after you are employed into the service.

How to know when DSS/SSS is recruiting – The Steps you can take

First Procedure

  • Enable our website to notify you by clicking on the red bell shown at the right bottom below.

Second Procedure

  • Use your email and number.

Drop a comments on the comment section below and include both your valid email and your phone number, make sure that the number is also your WhatsApp number. We will compile all the phone numbers we received and send a bulk sms to every number that we have immediately the DSS Recruitment begins. The numbers you sent to us are secured and we will only use it for the purposes which you specified. We shall not on any occasion give out your numbers to anyone.

Third Procedure – Join DSS Facebook

In the group, you will meet fellow aspirants and people who want to join DSS. People will also share the little information that they have within their reach.

Fourth Procedure- Join DSS Nigeria Forum

Join our DSS forum. Due to financial issues, we are still having challenge in setting up a standard Online DSS Forum. Once we have the financial capacity and have created the online forum, we shall send you an invitation to join the forum by using both the email and phone numbers you provided below.

Read also the history and functions of DSS Nigeria.

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