Sir Warrior

Sir Warrior was born in 1947. He died on June 19, 1999.

His biological name was Chistogenus Ezebuiro Obinna.

Sir Warrior had five [5] children. He had two [2] girls and three [3] boys.

Warrior was an Igbo highlife musician.

He was one of the most popular Nigerian highlife musician in history.

His music adventure began as far as 1960s.

Dr. Warrior was from Umuhu Enyiogugu Aboh; Mbaise Local Government Area.

Warrior was from Imo State. Sir Warrior was born in Imo State too.

He started singing as a teenager. Warrior grew to fame very quick.

In 1970, Sir Warrior joined the Oriental Brothers International Band. The band later split into three.

He belongs to Dr. Sir Warrior & His Oriental Brothers International Original.

He is known for the Oyorima Concept. This means a defined feeling or rhythmic movement and balance.

The said Oriental Brothers was formed immediately. This was after the civil war precisely the first Nigerian civil war.

Sir warrior was the third person in the Original Oriental Brothers International Band.

The Oriental Group began operation in 1972; with its album ‘’ihe chinyere m onye ananam’’.

Sir Warrior had 17 albums.

His last album was released in December 1996. This was titled ‘’who goes there’’.

He died during a brief illness due. It was due to his deteriorating health.

He was described as the most popular Mbaise man. This was before and after he died.

History has it that Warrior made Mbaise very poplar through his music.

His burial was like a state event. He was truly honored.

He was the band leader to the Oriental Brothers. 

Warrior’s songs have been described as very inspiring.

He was a legend. His name is written on the marble of great history.

His songs brought happiness to the whole Eastern Region; especially after the Biafra war.

Worthy to mention was the rumour that Sir Warrior’s health was failing. This was due to him been administered a fatal injection having been caught with hard drugs in one of his trips oversees.

The above negative rumour was false.

His album released in 1993 named ‘’ihe anyukwu anyahuhaya’’ was wrongly interpreted to support the false drug and fatal injection claim.


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